Youtuber and Makeup Enthusiast Feature: Miss Melinda Berry

Youtuber and Makeup Enthusiast Feature: Miss Melinda Berry

Hi Ladies, welcome to a new series of my blog where I feature ‘Discovered and Undiscovered’ MUAs, YouTubers and Beauty Enthusiasts.

Last month I had the honour of speaking with Melinda Berry a YouTuber and Makeup Enthusiast based in New York.

Without further ado, please enjoy

Q & A with Melinda Berry
  1. What were you doing before make-up? Before I started my YouTube channel, I worked as a nanny but I’ve been doing make-up for 3 years.
  2. What inspired you to start a YouTube channel? So I’m like a YouTube addict (lol) I love watching Aliyahjay amongst others. She is one of my favourite Youtuber and also her tutorials inspired me.
  3. If you get the opportunity to work on a celebrity who will it be? That will be my girl Keke Palmer 🙂
  4. What are your favourite beauty products? BB cream by Black Radience and LA girl concealer. You can’t really go wrong with those products.
  5. Can you foretell this year’s make-up trend? Trends change all the time but I’d say over drawn lip liner and fake lips lol. It was big last year, I see it getting bigger this year.
  6. What is/are your highlight(s) in the beauty industry? I’ve only been in the game for 3 years but I’ll say seeing more African American MUAs is really inspiring. Last year saw a lot of new African American MUAs both female and male come out and I’ll like to see a lot more this year.
  7. What’s in your makeup bag? So I have my lip gloss, powder, bubble gum #noforce lol
  8. If you were to chose two makeup products, what will they be? Well that’s easy that will be a lip gloss and contour palette. You can get  a good full face make-up with those two items lol
  9. Do you have a favourite make-up look? Yes! My favourite makeup look is a natural makeup look with a great glow *cough* *cough* highlight popping…. lol
  10. What are your future goals and what advice will you give to young aspiring make-up artists? My goals are to inspire the young generation and show them the good and positive things in life. I want to be a good role model that people look up to. To aspiring make-up artists, I’d say ‘do what makes you happy and express your art’…

Youtuber and Makeup Enthusiast Feature: Miss Melinda Berry

You can find Melinda on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter – @Melinda and Snapchat – @Mleindaberry.

So there you have it guys. Please don’t forget to comment and share.

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  1. Stephanie
    February 9, 2017 / 5:12 pm

    Ummmm this girl is BEAUTIFUL! Wow, I wouldn’t mind looking like her.

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