Makeup Artist Feature – Abisola Adenike Odutola aka NikeAce

Makeup Artist Feature - Abisola Adenike Odutola aka NikeAce

Makeup Artist Feature with Abisola Adenike Odutola aka NikeAce. I recently had to the opportunity to have a chit-chat with NikeAce, we chatted about her beauty career, how she got started in the industry, what inspired her and what her dreams are!

NikeAce is a UK based makeup artist and she is available to travel wherever her craft takes her. So without further delay, please join me…

Q & A with NikeAce

Before makeup, what were you doing? I was working full-time as a Service Manager for an Ultrasound Department within the NHS.

How long have you been doing makeup? I’ve been in the business since 2010 so 7 years now.

What inspired you to do makeup? I have always loved makeup and pretty much anything to do with beauty however, I became inspired to take on makeup as a craft when my friend was getting married in 2009. She had so much confidence in me she insisted I be her makeup artist and that was it for me. It was the push I needed.

So how did you learn about makeup? I’m self taught however, I brushed up my skills with some beauty courses.

In your career so far, have you worked with any celebrity/public figure?  I have worked with a few TV personalities and public figures like Dorcas Fapson, Aj Odudu etc.  it was a very humbling experience.

If given a chance, which celebrity/public figure will you like to work with?  Oooooh Yes! there’s so many to choose from; Beyoncé Knowles, Tyra Banks, Huda Khattan, Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna and ooooh Monica! these women are top on my list.  It will be the highlight of my career to work with any of these women…. I just love doing makeup.

Do you teach makeup classes or is it something you are looking to do? Ultimately I’ll like to own a beauty academy but for now I teach through one to one sessions or group master-classes.

Specialties & Brands

What are your area of specialty? I don’t have a niche per say, I am currently trying to master my technique. My signature…. ‘Bronzy Natural Look’. I usually do this look on models, brides, etc. My focus is to make the skin look healthy and glowy. This is always the base and I tweak according to client’s preference. 

Moving on to brands, what are your favorite makeup brands? Probably the hardest question I’ve been asked so far lol… Nars, ABH, MUF, Lancôme, Jouer, Becca – The list is endless lol but I have deep love for Nars, MAC and Lancôme, the never fail me.

Me: I personally LOVE Lancôme.


What are your rates? Depending on occasion, location and the extent of time, my rates begin from £100.00.

Work Samples
Makeup Artist Feature - Abisola Adenike Odutola aka NikeAce

Makeup Artist Feature - Abisola Adenike Odutola aka NikeAce

Makeup Artist Feature - Abisola Adenike Odutola aka NikeAce

Client Experience And Highlights

Have you ever had a nightmare client? Loool.. to be honest I’ve only had one. I love what I do and this reflects in my work and my energy towards work.

What was your experience? I had this crazy bride once, I did her makeup and her bridesmaids and after I finished the bride’s makeup, she wiped it all off (meanwhile we already had makeup trials so there was an agreed look) and she ended up doing her makeup herself (surprised face!!!!) she later asked me to make her ‘glow’ asi had done on her bridesmaid. 

woooow that’s all I can say lol … that’s next level bridezilla

So what are your highlights in the beauty industry? for me its working alongside other vendors, sharing tips and ideas, making good friends with like minded people #priceless.

2017 Trend and Goals

Can you foretell this year’s makeup trend? Gloss and metallic are making a comeback EVERYTHING ISSA TREND… I personally think makeup should not be taken too seriously, it washes off at night.

What makeup trends are we dropping this year? Overdrawn brows with unblended concealer 🙁 #gattago

Do you have a favourite makeup look? YES!!! I love a good glowy, contoured, bronzed natural look with a touch of nude lippie and wispy lashes.

If you were to choose two makeup items, what will they be? Lipstick/Gloss (nude lol) and Foundation. Good skin and popping lips will get me through any day 🙂

What are your future goals? I have loads but makeup wise in a few years I will like to own my own makeup brand and manage a teaching academy worldwide.

Final Words

What advice will you give to aspiring makeup artists? I’d say trust God, work hard and stay humble. You have to believe in yourself and practice with every chance you get. Comparison is a big NO! learn from other, there are so many talents and avenues for learning makeup application…..

Thank you so much NikeAce for taking time out to do this, I’m very humbled.

Guys in case you are wondering, you can find NikeAce on the following social media platforms;


That’s all folks….

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  1. June 8, 2017 / 8:40 pm

    I love reading this type of articles and I found your article interesting! I always wanted to wanted to become a makeup artist lol You works are amazing! 🙂 -A.

    • Dee
      June 26, 2017 / 10:11 am

      Thank you…. you should look into it.

  2. June 8, 2017 / 9:49 pm

    This was a fun and informational Q&A to read. I can tell the metallic trend is back for sure. I’ve seen a couple people take it overboard recently though… eek! hahaa
    -Sarah Camille //

  3. June 9, 2017 / 4:18 am

    I am so impressed that she was self taught! I totally want to jump into a beauty course, not even to use make up for my career, but just to improve on my own make up skills at home! Also, really great questions, I was intrigued through the whole interview.

    • Dee
      June 26, 2017 / 10:10 am

      Thank you

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